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Doctor Pdr Tools

Pdr Tools / Knock Down Aluminum Pen with 3 Heads

Pdr Tools / Knock Down Aluminum Pen with 3 Heads

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Pdr Tools / 3 Heads, Knockdown Aliminium Pen

Our Pdr Tools / Knock Down Aliminium Pen is a precision tool, perfect for dent removal. Featuring three heads and an aluminum construction, it is lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle the toughest repair jobs.

Knocks down crowns without damaging paint

Pdr Knock Down Aliminium Pen with 3Pieces Plastic Tips Paintless Dent Repair Remove

Pdr Tool aluminum Tap down with 3 Heads.

It has the advantages of simple operation, repair the dent for you directly.

Environmental protectionit and it does not damage the original paint.

It is suitable for the dent of all kinds of flat metal ,such as the surface of automobile metal plate and the washing machine's metal plate.

The top parts made by POM better plastic.

Material : aluminum Tap Down.

POM (polyformaldehyde), This Material is better than nylon.



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