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Doctor Pdr Tools

Pdr Tools / Adjustable Hangers Hanging

Pdr Tools / Adjustable Hangers Hanging

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Pdr Tools / Adjustable Hangers Hanging

The Pdr Tools/Adjustable Hangers Hanging is a reliable tool for kaput sabitlme. It is made of durable materials and can be adjusted for different hanging lengths. With this tool, you can hang objects up to 15 kg with ease and confidence.

Pdr Rope Ratchet 1Pair of 1/4 Inches Red Grow Tent Lighting Hanger
Adjustable Hangers Hanging Tools Max 150lbs/68kg Per Pair
Secure the carabiner which with a pulley in a firm location.

Use another carabiner in the other end of rope to link your product.

Pull the rope which without the carabiner to adjust the product upward.

If need to adjust the product downward ,should push the position leverwhich embedded in the pulley,then pull the rope which with the carabiner.

Rope ratchet pulls tight,locks in place,will never break or slip,and will not rust.
It allows you to secure or realease items quickly and easily.
Up to 68 kg weight load capacity per pair.
Carabiner clips provide a secure hold, Great for hoisting and securing.
Excellent for hanging reflectors,light fixtures, hanging carbon filter, ventilation equipment and much more. 

*Color: Random 

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