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Doctor Pdr Tools

Pdr Tools / Demountable, wheeled, transport stand

Pdr Tools / Demountable, wheeled, transport stand

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Pdr Tools / Demountable, wheeled, transport stand

This multi-purpose Pdr Tools / Hood Stand is detachable and can be folded into a convenient carrying bag, perfect for storing and transporting denting rods. Its sturdy frame ensures a secure hold for damage-free repairs.

Car Paintless Dent Repair Pdr Portable Bag Basket Luggage Cleaning Folding Hood Stand Versatile and Convenient Material Organizer
Portable stand for hanging Pdr rod.
This vehicle travel trolley allows you to safely transport your vehicles between jobs or countries and set up and download in minutes.
Box Size: 65x32x8cm
Weight: 18kg
It takes the shape of a bag. Assembly and disassembly time is very short.
Wheel. 4 caster wheels, 2 with brakes and 2 without brakes.
Transportation and transportation are easy. It does not take up extra space.
Available for our mobile worker.
Practical solution for paintless dent repair masters.


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