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Pdr Tools / Dent Lifter 1Pieces Plastic Body

Pdr Tools / Dent Lifter 1Pieces Plastic Body

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Pdr Tools / Dent Lifter 1Pieces Plastic Body

This Pdr Tools / Dent Lifter is designed with a high-quality plastic body to easily and safely remove dents without the need for costly and time-consuming bodywork. Its simple, single-piece construction ensures stability and reliability, allowing you to easily repair minor dents in a matter of minutes.

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Works great on smaller door dings hail damage.

Designed with a plastic type to prevent scratching of painted surfaces.

Won’t damage the paint.

Repair-The paint-free dent remover is very suitable for door ding and hail damage. Efficiently and safely eject dents and repair door stings on metal surfaces, such as cars, motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. The original paint will not be damaged.

The maintenance lift is made of stainless steel, rubber and durable plastic. They will not damage the surface of the car, are very strong and have a long service life.

Suitable for different sizes-the maximum pulling force of the sliding puller for small dents; adhesive sticks and pull tabs of different sizes are very suitable for removing dents.

Easy to use a lift suitable for anyone to deal with any dent. The tooth-shaped puller can save manpower and it easy to lift.

Save time, repair kits can save you a lot of money. Compared with auto body shops, our kits can help you in your car in repair many times by yourself.

Use high-quality alloy materials.

Bottom is made of non-slip rubber pads, which can protect the car when it fits the car body, and it is non slip.

Application: Car repair

Color: Random

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