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Pdr Tools / Kit 80 Pieces Glue Tabs Hot Melt Sticks

Pdr Tools / Kit 80 Pieces Glue Tabs Hot Melt Sticks

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Pdr Tools / Kit 80 Pieces Glue Tabs Hot Melt Sticks

This kit provides 80 pieces of glue tabs and hot melt sticks perfect for automotive paintless dent and hail removal repairs. These strong and durable adhesives are designed to lock into the metal and keep their hold during the entire process so you can be confident of a precise repair.

Pdr Tool Kit 80 Pcs Glue Tabs Hot Melt Sticks Paintless Dent Repair Set Car Auto Hail Body Damage Removal Various Shapes Sizes

  • You can easily work with 70Pieces and 7 different glue tabs.
  • You can fix the damage without damaging the paint.
  • Can be with a used T bar hammer or slide hammer for good effect
  • Product content: 1 Organizer Bag, 70 Pcs Glue Tabs, 4 Pcs centipede glue tabs, 1 x L puller bar, 5 Pcs  hot glue stick

How to use:

1- Clean the dent with a clean cloth.

2- Mount the glue stick into the glue gun and preheat for 5 minutes.

3- To Chose a proper gasket. Large dent requires a large gasket. (Note: The larger the drawing gasket is, the larger the drawing force is).

4- Pull the trigger and apply the drawing the gasket extruded with glue (The 4 holes of the gasket should be applied with hot melt glue).

5- Fast place the drawing gasket with hot melt glue at the center of the dent, press lightly until the glue cures and adheres, cooling for about 8 minutes. (The time should be less than 10 minutes and shorter slightly in winter).

6- Press the drawing gasket with hot melt glue, pull the sliding rod backwards to pull up dent;

7- Check with a Line board. If dent still exists, knock it slightly with a flattening hammer or pen.

8- Clean the repaired place with a clean wet cloth.


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