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Doctor Pdr Tools

Pdr Tools / Nut Hammer Magnetic

Pdr Tools / Nut Hammer Magnetic

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Pdr Nut Hammer Magnetic

This Pdr Tools/Nut Hammer Magnetic is built for long-term use and has a steel head, wooden handle, and magnets on its head for easy pick up, as well as a paddle-like function. Its high-quality materials ensure maximum durability.

Knock Tap Down Stainless Steel Paintless Dent Repair Tools Car Body Hail Damage Removal

Special production.
It is made of stainless steel.
It does not paint, it is specially made for unpainted dents.
Easy to fix your hammers thanks to the design of the design.
With the wide tip of the wooden window, it provides usage training with the dent correction pen.



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