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Pdr Tools / Whale Tails (360° Rotating 1 Piece)

Pdr Tools / Whale Tails (360° Rotating 1 Piece)

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Pdr Tools / Whale Tails (360° Rotating 1 Piece)

Our Pdr Tools / Whale Tails offer a 360° rotating and laser-cut design, perfect for dent repair. The unique doner sapli shape with a question mark head makes the job easier and more efficient. Get the best results with our professional tools.

Car Paintless Dent Repair Pdr Tools Whale Tail 300mm Hook Dent Damage Auto Car Repair Dent Removal Rod Hand tools Vehice Body

Deal with your dent more easily with the new 360 ° rotating handle. It provides easy working opportunity.

Product length: 300mm

It is not designed to replace traditional whale tails, but to allow Pdr technicians to reach previously inaccessible 3panels and locations.

Thanks to its sharp edge, it easily cuts meges.

It can act as an entry point for any 1/2 "," 7 "s.

Heat-treated high-quality carbon steel provides the flexibility to "snake" nicks on shafts.

The "7" notch in the head design provides unmatched access to the panels, while some torque strength is removed from the tool.


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