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Doctor Pdr Tools

Pdr Tools / 6 Strip LED Lamp Small Wired

Pdr Tools / 6 Strip LED Lamp Small Wired

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Pdr Tools Paintlees Dent Repair 6 Strip Magnet Based LED Lamp 2 Colors Dimmer Adjustable Vehicle Body Hail Damage Detection Kit


Pdr Tools LED Dent Repair Lamp 6 Strips Adjustable Wired White Yellow Light Lamp

>>The most basic set of paintless dent repair tools, designed according to your LED lamp needs.

>> The lamp consists of 6 strips. There are 3 white and 3 yellow lights. All lights can work as long as you want or work simultaneously.

>> It provides ease of use with its 360 degree rotating cable.

>> Thanks to the powerful magnet on the ground, you can work on the vehicle or any metal surface you want.

1. Lamp: Wired lamp.

The lamp dimmer allows you to adjust the light intensity.

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