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SWEGEO ML100 Multi-Frequency RTK GNSS

SWEGEO ML100 Multi-Frequency RTK GNSS

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SWEGEO ML100 Multi-Frequency RTK GNSS

(Gps measurement and application device)

ML100 is a pocket size modular RTK GNSS receiver that converts any Android or Windows-based field computers into a high-accuracy positioning system.

Multi Constellation. ML100 is capable of tracking and processing multiple constellation/frequencies of GNSS satellites. This enables it to reach centimeter- level accuracy within a few seconds.

Pocket Size. With its dimensions of 115 x 62 x 24 mm and weight of <300 grams, it will fit in all environments where centimeter level of accuracy is needed.

Rugged. ML100 has been built to withstand harsh environments. It meets the IP67 standards
against dust and water. Metal housing contains an internal structure that is resistant to

Simple Operation. Running ML100 is as simple as pressing the power button. It doesn’t require any special setup apart from sending RTK corrections in any format via Bluetooth. It automatically decodes/applies the corrections and sends NMEA messages.

NMEA/Geolocation. ML100 is a highly qualified GNSS receiver. It is compatible with any NMEA or Geolocation software that provides high accuracy positioning.

Long Battery Life. With its extensive battery life of >20 hours, no matter how long the daily operation takes, or no matter what the temperature conditions are, ML100 keeps producing RTK position information with cm accuracy.

Swedish Engineering. The development of ML100 has been based on inputs from geospatial professionals, in combination with Swedish engineering know-how and genuine knowledge in function and quality.

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GNSS Receiver

Type Multi-band GNSS high precision receiver
Tracking GPS (L1 C/A, L2C)
QZSS (L1 C/A, L1S, L2C)
Accuracy 1cm + 1ppm (CEP)
Channels 184 Channel
Antenna Options Survey or Helical


Mechanical Properties

Dimensions 115 x 62 x 24 mm (without antenna)
Weight 278 gram (with GNSS and BT antenna)
Water/Dust IP67


Data Communication

Correction RTCM 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, MSM (Auto Decoding)
NMEA Up to 10 Hz
Bluetooth® SPP



Battery Life 20 hours
Charging 5V 2A DC (via USB)


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